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Sneaker – Trainers or sport shoes?

by fnp

Sporty shoes are known to everyone and are a faithful companion for most people during their everyday life. Sneakers and trainers are currently in vogue like never before. But now the question arises, what are the differences between a sneaker and a trainers?

The sneaker was developed for sports such as croquet and tennis in the 19th century. It helped the athletes to bring their performances to a top level. The sneaker was distinguished by its lightweight construction and rubber sole and was first manufactured in England and America in 1860. At the beginning of the 20th century the sneaker became more and more popular and not only won symphathy among athletes. A prominent pioneer for the success of the sneakers was e.g. Mick Jagger. Like many others, he discovered the sneaker for everyday use. So the shoes got a new name: Sneakers. A trademark for the sneaker was that with these shoes on the foot, “the wearers sneaked almost silently across the streets”.

The first sneakers for the masses were made in 1917 in the USA by KEDS. The next big sneaker player was Converse. Since 1917 Converse sold the model Chuck Taylo All Star over a Miilarde times. This shoe is the most successful sneaker of all times

Sneakers come from the English verb “to sneak” and are shoes that are mainly worn in everyday life. Sneakers are popular with young and old. They are available in different variations, whether luxury design at Gucci or cool retro style at Adidas.

The difference between the sneaker and the trainers is due to a simple reason: While trainers are used for sports and have sporty functions, sneakers are fashionable shoes that are worn in leisure time.

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