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Wholesale Clothing – Stock lots of shoes, textiles and accessories

by fnp

Do you have an outlet or a boutique and need wholesale clothing from Germany and Europe? Are you looking for a reliable wholesale fashion distributor? F&P Stock Solution will find a large number of lucrative offers in stock clothing pallets. We count with a big number of overstocks, liquidation goods and customer returns stemming out from past and actual collections of well-known fashion brand manufacturers. Benefit from the immediate availability of our stocks, which you can buy and resell to your customers.

Experience our huge variety of branded wholesale clothes for women, men and children! In our warehouse facilities, you can find all types of materials, colors and styles. Overstock shoes are also part of our assortment; among others, we have stylish models for delicate tastes. Your fashion business will especially benefit from our mix palettes containing various fashion items. Our experienced buying team intensively checks the lots that we get from our supply channels for such criteria as quality, fashionability and resealability. Our good long-term relations with several trustworthy wholesale clothing suppliers in Germany and Europe enable us to meet high standards.

wholesale fashion overstocks

What are stock lots, liquidation goods and overstocks?


Overstock is basically excess inventory, meaning that every product batch that exceeds its demand can be defined as overstock. In the fashion industry, overstocks are generally represented by older collections, which have been outclassed by newer trends. Although they are not necessarily unfashionable, they are no longer supposed to be on sale in retail stores. These days, overstocks are a huge problem for fashion retailers and distributors because a lot of fashion labels bring out up to 4 or 5 collections per year. F&P buys branded stock clothes of different categories and qualities. Thanks to the extensive network on wholesale clothing and footwear in Germany, Europe and Worldwide, we can export overstocks in an efficient and discreet manner, thereby protecting the image and reputation of our B2B stock clothing suppliers.

Stock lots

Stock lots are rests or remnants of product lots. In the fashion industry, they are generally leftovers of past seasonal collections. They are sold at very low prices mainly as stock clothes per kilo to make space for the new product lines on the stores’ shelves. Although they are often considered low-quality products, this is not necessarily the case. F&P Stock Solution is a major distributor of clothing and shoe stock lots ready for wholesale to your outlet stock. Most of them originate from recent collections of well-known fashion brands.

Liquidation items

Liquidation goods are quite similar to stock lots, the only difference being that they were leftover due to a different reason. These products stem from inventories of companies that went bankrupt, which consequently have to find a way to clear their unsold products as liquidation pallets. The F&P Stock Solution team can assist you with store clearances in a professional and timely manner. We are specialized in providing individual wholesale solutions for each request.