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Meet Naja, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

by fnp

Our pursuit to open up new markets has recently focused on the Balkans. In close collaboration with our Croatian sales trainee, the young promise Naja is going to put her efforts into sealing as much wholesale stock clothing deals as possible with clients from Serbia and other countries in the region.

About me

Hey! I am Naja Srecković and I am from Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. Fortunately, when I introduce myself outside the former Yugoslavian area, I do not have to necessarily clarify that my real name is Naja, and not Maja, as it is much more common in Serbia.

I obtained my master degree in International Business and Management, and fashion has always been a source of inspiration for me.

Since I was a little girl, I had fun at creating different outfits, for instance by matching clothing items of the same spearmint green tone. Considering the pronounced business-orientation of my family, I have always dreamed of kick-starting my own fashion brand.

Just as the fashion industry is constantly evolving, I wanted a radical change in my life, something completely new, challenging and inspiring at the same time. And here I am. Going through the first step of the career path that I want.

It all went unexpectedly fast. As a music editor at the Student Cultural Center of Belgrade, I was sitting in my office, as usual, waiting for an emerging rock band to show up for a meeting. Suddenly I received an e-mail reading something like: “Have you checked our latest opportunities?”. “No, I haven’t, but I will”, I thought to myself. Berlin – crazy city, sales manager position, fashion industry! That’s the one! A few clicks and skype calls later, I landed at the Berlin´s airport, with a 24 Kg suitcase and a shining smile drawn on my face.

Why F&P?

What I enjoy the most is that Monday is not a bad day, 8 AM coffee tastes so good, and that every sales call is not just about repeating the same set of catchphrases over, and over, again.

The best example I can tell you in this goes like this: a female client working in a textile shop within a prison complex was unable to accept a video call since the internet is blocked around the perimeter. I’m giving my best to understand my clients´ concerns: the business matters, as well as personal issues.

Each new call gives origin to a unique human experience. While listening to the stories of my clients, I am figuring out how to help them fulfill their needs and expectations. From what I have learned from managing my family’s café, one satisfied customer means two new ones coming the next day, and that is how we are growing as a company.

Just one month later, Berlin already got under my skin, and I have completely found myself in my new F&P family. The Serbian market is an insane rollercoaster, but I am enjoying the ride!