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27. November 2019

Meet Ahmed, our new Sales Manager

For the time being, Eastern Europe represents a gold mine in terms of sale figures for the wholesale stock clothing industry. However, there are many other emerging markets that deserve attention. After…

29. October 2019

Meet Marina, our new Content Manager at F&P

As we know, a picture says more than a thousand words. Although our sales managers do a wonderful job in praising our high-quality wholesale clothing assortment, the gift of the gab alone…

10. October 2019

Meet Naja, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

Our pursuit to open up new markets has recently focused on the Balkans. In close collaboration with our Croatian sales trainee, the young promise Naja is going to put her…

4. October 2019

Meet Michelle, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

As a leading stock clothing wholesale company, we could not afford to leave the vast Spanish speaking area untapped any longer. Fortunately, Michelle has recently joined our Sales Team as a trainee.…

27. September 2019

Meet Federica, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

Italy is the country of fashion “par excellence”. With the hiring of Federica, who recently joined our Sales-Team as a Trainee, we obtained a pivotal missing piece of the puzzle –…

20. September 2019

Meet Sabina, our new Sales Manager for Ukraine at F&P

Welcome at F&P - Sabina Hereby we are glad to introduce you to Sabina, our new sales manager for Ukraine. Since the stock clothing industry never sleeps, many new salespeople have joined…

13. September 2019

Meet Saumya, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

F&P academy is a training program oriented towards students from all over the world who are willing to pursue a career in sales. The ideal candidate should possess such personal traits…

30. August 2019

Meet Julia, our new Content Manager at F&P

Welcome at F&P - Julia In light of the substantial growth of our F&P B2C unit over the past months, we needed qualified assistance to keep up with the steady…

23. August 2019

Meet Adriana, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

Welcome at F&P - Adriana As a member of the F&P Academy, Adriana Romić joins our company and will henceforth support our B2B Sales Team!Adriana is from Croatia and will therefore mainly…